Cheating at Facebook – Is it Worth it?

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Something happened over the weekend, that could potentially be bad for the hobby.

Normally I don’t try to get caught up in these sorts of things, but as a legitimate advertiser on Facebook since 2011, who has paid out thousands of dollars to them, I feel this situation may warrant a second look by hobbyists.

Blood of Kittens wrote up an article about some recent advertising activity that some of us have been keeping a very close eye on now for a few weeks.

Buying fake likes is one of the worst things you can do as a business according to JP Marketing. They even go so far as to say; “..if an advertiser ever found out you did that, they’d never do business with you again.”


Why? Well not only does it make you look like a fraud when you are caught, BUT it hurts you as well. You see only a portion of any business’ followers are ever going to see those posts on Facebook in the first place.

Let me put it to you this way, if you have about 50,000 likes on Facebook, you may have some posts that are seen by around 8,000 people on average (unless it gets shared a lot OR goes super viral).

So if you are a company that just bought a large portion of your likes, and none of them have anything to do with your business (for example table top wargaming), it’s quite possible that very few of your actual target gaming audience will even see your posts.


Why even have Facebook at that point if the only people seeing it are, for example, in Bangledesh, and have seemingly nothing to do with your business in the first place?

What’s even worse is that if you are CHARGING manufacturers to promote their products/brands, they are not even getting their monies’ worth now!


Plus this action is strictly forbidden by Facebook, and they can place limits on pages (such as disabling their “Like” button), or even unpublished a page altogether

I hope anyone that pays for such table top wargaming advertising really takes a second look at any company that operates on Facebook this way.

Where there is smoke there is fire – Unattributed Idiom

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