NEW End Times – Dwarf Juggernaut?

By Rob Baer | November 13th, 2014 | Categories: End Times, News / Rumors


Seems like we have a live set of rumors from the White Dwarf images that leaked yesterday for the End Times.

Everyone seems to be torn on which book is next, the Skaven of the High/ Dark Elves, but they all seem to agree that there will be new kits a plenty.

Here’s the round-up of what’s going around the tubes in the wake of the White Dwarf #42 Leak.

Collected from L’Astropath

75hastings69 on Warseer Plastic vermin lord, other Skaven stuff. Also It’s been a long while but iirc there’s still some as yet unreleased big kits, a big dwarf Warmachine with Smashy fists and a large angry looking statues type thing, possibly of elvish design? 😉 Think it was based on the (very) old dwarf Juggernaught iirc

Noble.6 on Warseer 1) Elves novel is called The Curse of Khaine 2) Skaven novel is called Rise of the Horned Rat 3) There is a listing for something called Archaon, priced at £ 20. There is nothing currently at that price. 4) Something (unsure of what) called Deathblade. Which sounds fun. He confirmed That December will be dominated by the Hobbit releases.

75hastings69 on Warseer Great infested plastic Skaven and other stuff. It ‘s been too long, but, if I remember correctly, there are still some big kit to out, including a huge war machine of the Dwarves with the punches destroyers and a large model like a statue and looking angry. Maybe an elf design? 😉 If I remember correctly, I think it is based on very old Dwarf Juggernaut.



Noble.6 on Warseer 1) novel about elves is called The Curse of Khaine (The Curse of Khaine) 2) novel about Skaven is called Rise of the Horned Rat (The Rise of the Horned Rat) 3) There is something called Archaon list and the price is £ 20. There is currently nothing in that price. 4) Something (not sure what) called Deathblade, which looks beautiful. I confirmed that December will be dominated by the outputs of The Hobbit.

Comments: First of all, there are more details on these new novels that continue the story of End Times This data comes from the Black Library Weekender. In about a month we will see the novel The Curse of Khaine, written by Gav Thorpe. Rise of the Horned Rat, however, will be written by Guy Haley and cover Skaven , Orks and Dwarves. Deathblade is a novel that will probably see next year and this is the cover:

I can’t wait to see a plastic vermin lord or the rumored Dwarven Juggernaut!

Which book do you guys want to see first Skaven or the Elves? -MBG

Dwarf Juggernaut OOP Model


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