The Video GW Doesn’t Want You To See

By Rob Baer | November 27th, 2014 | Categories: Legal, Videos


I have been notified by Games Workshop to remove a certain Blood Angels Video by 12 Noon Eastern (5PM “England” Time) today.

Via Tom Nanson, Legal Assistant Group Legal Department

“Regardless of whether the material is released or not, all Games Workshop publications are protected by copyright. To copy and display an entire publication without permission is an infringement of copyright. Please remove the videotoday by 5pm UK time.”

They also wanted to know where I purchased these items, and of course as media I am unable to comply with revealing a source. I am however more than willing escalate that issue should the need arise, but I doubt it will come to that.

So if you want a peak at the new Blood Angels stuff before I take the video down, hit play below now!

Check back Friday for my fresh first look at the Legacy of Khaine supplement (which I’ve had since Tuesday as well), and more on the Blood Angels as well!

Have a good holiday guys and see you then! -MBG

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