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A new 32mm base size has arrived for infantry models, and it seems like it has some people are losing their minds.

Someone once said Change Rules Everything Around Me when describing this hobby,  and I think with just the past few weeks alone that has been incredibly accurate in general.

fateweaver change

When it comes to these new bases it seems like a very similar thing already happened once. You see way back in 2005 when Games Workshop released the new (current) Terminator squad on 40mm bases, which was a clear departure from their existing 25mm ones, and people were faced with a similar choice.

But then a weird thing happened, no one seemed to freaked out and rebase all their models, like the internet is saying to do now, and everybody kept calm. Players with existing 25mm bases just kept using them as is, and over time you sorta rarely see those models anymore to be honest.

Now if the “standard” for all Infantry models is changing to 32mm, I can see where that could have a bigger impact on both the game and people’s hobby.


First off lets take a look at the Math; 32mm is obviously bigger than 25mm, by 7mm in diameter to be exact. That 7mm when spread out over say a squad of 10 tactical marines increases that sqaud’s footprint by nearly 3 inches total, which is kinda a lot when you think about it.

Three inches seems to be the magic number in 40k right now, it’s what you use to pile into combats, but maybe more importantly it’s the measurement of how you can hold objectives.

So it’s possible that doing these two very basic things may become more of an effort for models with bigger bases.

Now think about this, if your models are now more spread out from each other because of a bigger base and two inches unit coherency, this can even open up bigger gaps to squads and vehicles behind them, reducing the opportunity for cover saves etc.

Hobby wise 32mm bases can give you a great opportunity to pose your models dynamically, and allow more possibilities for scenic basing, minions, etc.


It can literally re-energize the hobby from a modeling perspective.

So where do we stand right now?

It’s still rumored for the most part that the new Blood Angel Tactical squad is on 32mm bases. From the looks of the leaked images thus far they look bigger than 25mm, however we haven’t seen any concrete pictures of them with other models to be sure IMHO.

32mm base

The Death Company models are definitely on 32mm bases, as even Games Workshop has pointed out already on their site.

So what bases do we use from now on?

Well some one wrote GW that very same question already and you may be surprised by the response (courtesy of Faeit)

The Question
Dear Sir / Madam,
I have a question, can you explain what units will utilize the new 32mm bases?  I’ve seen these are included in Shield of Baal: Deathstorm & can only assume these are for the Death Company.

I ask as I am about to start painting my Black Legion army & want them all on the correct bases prior to commencing.

Your help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

The Response from Games Workshop
Thanks for the email.
The new 32mm bases were a design choice made by the sculptors, to make the Death Company look more imposing. There is no specific base that you have to use for the Death Company, so should you wish to mount them on the smaller 20mm bases this is fine, but if you would rather have the slightly larger 32mm base, this is also fine.

I hope that this helps, but if you need anything further, please let me know.
Kind regards


So where does that leave us? I think for now just do you, make this hobby YOUR hobby. But over time it’s very probable that we may just stop seeing 25mm bases all together….

What do you say folks? Whats YOUR answer to the 32mm question? -MBG

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