NEW ADVENT CALENDAR – Necrons & Blood Angels Arrive

By Rob Baer | December 13th, 2014 | Categories: Blood Angels, Necrons

The Black Library   Advent Calendar 2014

Checkout the latest on Space Vampires and Evil Robots!

Word of the Silent King (ebook) $3.99

“The Blood Angels and necrons, locked in a long and bitter war for the fate of the Gehenna system, are both endangered by the arrival of the monstrous tyranids. When the Silent King himself makes overtures of alliance, Commander Dante of the Blood Angels enacts a dangerous plan that could rid the Imperium of the Silent King forever – but when the two leaders meet at Devil’s Crag, everything changes…”

Data Reference 
An eBook Edition of Datacards: Blood Angels, this product is an excellent reference tool for any Warhammer 40,000 player, detailing the psychic powers and Tactical Objectives found in Codex: Blood Angels and allowing you quick access to all this information on your phone or eReader.”

There is no fighting the fist bump we all know is coming soon. It may be best to just let it wash over you like a warm shower.


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