Combo Your Necrons! Wargear & the Mephrit Dynasty

By Evan Slagle | January 28th, 2015 | Categories: Necrons, Tactics

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Think the new Necrons are ‘weak’? Checkout some of the combos from the Mephrit Dynansty that can help the Necrons to over 9,000!

Leaks are all over for the new Necron codex, and we’re getting confirmation for many as pictures start to trickle in as well.

With those rumors in hand (check them out here), let’s take a look at some of the Shield of Baal Exterminatus items and formations to supplement the Codex.

c'tan necron

Starting with the items, the God Shackle becomes interesting, particularly with the reworking of the Transcendent C’Tan. If it is also classified as a “C’Tan Shard” (which appears to be the case, along with Nightbringer and the Deceiver), it will benefit from this 10 point item, gaining +1 Strength and Toughness. We can also point to the Conclave of the Burning One formation, that pictures a Transcendent C’Tan model, though it is listed as a C’Tan Shard.

This C’Tan formation is also interesting with the changes to Crypteks, which gained a wound and a significant price hike.

The formation, combined with the God Shackle, makes for a seriously tough to bring down unit: 8 Wounds at T8 with Feel No Pain on the C’Tan while the Crypteks live.

necrons-new-01 (1)

Back to the items, it looks like Overlords will be spoiled for choices of Warscythe replacements between the Edge of Eternity from the Mephrit Dynasty and the Voidreaper from the Codex. The former is a Warscythe that is 20 points and grants Precision Strikes on a 2+. The Voidreaper is likely more expensive, but adds Fleshbane and Master-crafted to the mix. While Catacomb Command Barges lost Sweep Attacks, the bump to Weapon Skill 5 should make these weapons all the more effective.

The third and final item from the Mephrit Dynasty, the Solar Thermasite, grants +1S to shooting and melee attacks, and also allows the bearer to re-roll saving throws of 1. This item has potentially lost steam with the new book and the apparent removal of Sempiternal Weave, only leaving the overlord a 3+ available. However, the changes to Reanimation Protocols potentially mitigate this.

The tradeoff for these items is the need to take one of the formations or the Mephrit Dynasty Detachment. The other formations are more of the grab-bag variety, with several units jammed together. The Detachment is essentially a CAD with an extra required troop. However, with the increase in minimum unit size for Warriors and the bump to Night Scythe price, those points for mandatory troops could add up. That said, those troops also get to re-roll 1s on Reanimation protocols, making them extra durable.



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