RUMORS – Splash Releases for 40k?

By Rob Baer | January 20th, 2015 | Categories: News / Rumors

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These new rumors seem to indicate two things, either Oprah took over and ‘erebody is getting releases OR Games Workshop might be transitioning to ‘splash’ release strategy.

Either way I’m always down for new minis. I hope this leads to something bigger like new campaigns, or even some ‘second edition’ updated versions of older hard cover codices (Dark Angels, Chaos etc…).

Via the birds in the trees 1-20-2015

A new bio-mechanical construct (like the Maulerfiend)
Larger than the Helbrute. One arm: Large chain with scythe-end in one hand, other arm is long barreled vulkan cannon, walker (two mechanical legs)CSM fast jet, similar to the Forgeworld flyers. CSM pilot, quad missiles underslung, ventral vertical stabilizer.Eldar:
New plastic infantry spotted in two styles,
One armed with chainswords (Striking Scorpions possible)
One armed with halberds (Incubi possible)Space Marines:
New surface vehicle. Light, fast wheeled vehicle. Opentopped with side by side driver/gunner positions.Orks:
SQUIGS, SQUIGS SQUIGS! with bombs and other gubbins…

In various stages of development, time to market unknown.

These rumors are rated: Probable, coming from trusted known sources.

Full New Release Roundup

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