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If Forge World prices was the only thing holding you back from playing Horus Heresy, then you may not have an excuse much longer!

via Steve the Warboss 2-25-2015

-Gaming Set Includes a Suppliment for the Age of Darkness
-Rules and a Dettachment for Playing Legio Astartes and Xenos in the Past of 40k
-A new Allied Matrix including Xenos of the 31st Millenium
-Very generic Dataslates for the Models, only the featured Characters will have specific Background, but can used for any Legion
-Unlike the previous Sets, the Squads will have no unique Leaders, only names “Sergeant”
-Box will include 6 versions of new Sprues

Full Horus Heresy Plastic Roundup



-Looks like we’re not in Kansas anymore Astarte.

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