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The new Bloodthirster is coming in HOT next week, get your debit cards ready for the Blood God!

Hey and look at that, there’s a red spray paint coming, so you can paint your new pet Bloodthirster too!

Via Faeit 2-22-2015

This Coming Week’s Releases
These leaks should be coming over the starting of this next week, but these are extremely solid and reveals what is coming next week with hints of the following week.

Khorne Bloodthirster USA $116, £70, €91, Can$139, AU $155
1 miniature

Warhammer Visions 14
Khorne Red Spray USA $18, £11, €15, Can$22, AU $28

Eagle Talon/ Iron Corpses USA $20, £15, €20, Can$22.50, AU $30
Audio Drama

Next week’s hints
More Blood
More Skulls
Behold the Lord of the End Times

the title of the new White Dwarf is
Blood for the Blood God!
Khorne’s Wrath
The New Bloodthirster Seeks to Slaughter All
Inside the are the rules for all three new Bloodthirsters. Some rules in common.
Each can be taken in a Daemons of Chaos, Legions of Chaos or Grand Legion of the Everchosen Army.
Is a Lords Choice, and all come with heavy armour an can take Daemonic Gifts.
M8 WS BS 10 ST6 W5 I9 A6 Ld9
Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster
Daemon of Khorne, Daemonic, Devastating Charge, Fly, Frenzy, Large Target, Magic Resistance3, Stubborn, Terror
Has a S5 breath weapon with flaming attacks rule
Has hatred characters, and gains 3″ to its charge range if charging a unit with characters.

Wrathaxe and Bloodflail: +2 strength the first round of combat, and gain an extra attack

Bloodthirster of Unfettered Fury
Daemon of Khorne, Daemonic, Fly, Large Target, Magic Resistance2, Terror
Axe and Whip

Bloodthirster of Insenate Rage
Daemon of Khorne, Daemonic, Fly, Frenzy, Heroic Killing Blow, Large Target, Magic Resistance 2, Terror.
Great Weapon

More Khorne Next week too, it ooks like as Archaon is set to start his End Times then!

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