HORUS HERESY Schedule & GW Pulling Hobbit?

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More leaks simmering for the rumored Horus Heresy Plastics. Here’s the latest folks!

via Steve the Warboss 2-22-2015

-May is one of two months in the calender year when employee Holiday leave is prohibited.

-Look for the Plastic Horus Heresy boxed game before the end of May

– Look for LotR , Hobbit, and and all things Tolkien related to move from retails positions to GW direct only.

Looks like renewing the Hobbit license may have just been a strategic move on Games Workshops part, and the Horus Heresy / 30k seems like a good place to diversify your offerings IMHO.  Question is, will we see a price ‘adjustment’ come June or are we finally at capacity?
~Do you think the Hobbit and LoTR are going the way of the extinct Fanatic ranges?

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