Star Wars TOR Cosplay – Satele Shan


I stumbled on this pretty dope Satele Shan cosplay from Star Wars Old Republic, and being a Star Wars Fan, I thought I’d share!

The Cosplayer’s name is Laura, and she says she makes a Star Wars Cosplay every year!

Via nebulaluben

Myself as Satele Shan from Star Wars: The Old Republic.
As every year, I made a Star Wars costume!!! Yay!!.
I really like the Star Wars TOR trailers and I’m looking forward to playing this game.
I think Satele’s got a wonderful design and I’ve been lucky to find a fabric that looks pretty similar to the original one. The day I found it, the day I began sewing.
I must say I made this costume on july, but, due to another proyects, I finished making the accesories weeks ago.
I HOPE you like it!

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Great job Laura! Maybe we’ll see some 40k cosplay from her in the near future!

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