NEW 40k BOARD GAME – Forbidden Stars

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The new 40k Board game was previewed last week in GAMA, checkout the preview below.



Forbidden Stars is FFG’s upcoming Warhammer 40,000 game of interplanetary conquest.  It has the following factions vying for control over a dynamically created board:

fs01-combat-car-fan– Space Marines

– Eldar

– Chaos

– Orks


The basics of the game were just unveield this last week, and FFG was doing demos and showing it off at the Gamer Manufacturers trade show GAMA this weekend in Las Vegas.  Take a look at these shots:

images via



The board laid out mid-game


Ork faction command cards


Board closeup mid-game




Space Marine & Chaos playing pieces


Space Marine command cards


back of the box – break out the magnifying glass

Go to for more images!

~Does anyone else think this looks like the board game version of the old Warhammer CCG?

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