Skitarii HQ Picture – Hidden in Plain Sight?

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Have we found the rumored HQ release for the Adeptus Mechanicus? Check this one out.

Whether they do it on purpose or it’s accidental, GW always seems throw out little easter eggs in their release info.

Blink and you’ll miss it, but in the Ad Mech videos Games Workshop put out this weekend, there is a super dark backdrop with a Jes Goodwin design sketch on it.

Thanks to hawk-eyed reader Niramartlu on BoLS 

Look at this hyper contrasted version of that background image.  IN particular, look at the bottom three figures and the one in the center – possibly a future Magos as an HQ choice?


You can also see a lot of the names and design notes in there.

Here’s the other Adeptus Mechanicus sketches that were featured at Forge World Heresy weekender too!

~What do you see?

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