FIRST LOOK – Adeptus Mechanicus Codex Review


You like special rules? The Adeptus Mechanicus has you covered, dawg! Come see the newest codex up close.

Releasing this weekend is the new Adeptus Mechanicus: Skitarii codex, and it’s yielding an unprecedented level of customization for such a small rules set.

Speaking of small, the new codex clocks in at 80 pages, about 25% less that a normal 110 page codex (120 for Daemonkin), and retails for the ‘old’ price of $33.

Made by Gw in Nottingham? Sounds a lot like Apple guys....
Made by Gw in Nottingham? Sounds a lot like Apple guys….

I feel like with the new Skitarii codex there is so much you can do with this book, one short review and video will barely scratch the surface.

Either way the first ‘new’ army in over 10 years for Warhammer 40,000 is here, chock full of new wargear, rules, and don’t forget models as well.

Nearly half of the book is fluff (about 40 pages) followed by about 15 pages of datasheets, and the remainder is all special rules in the appendix!


The real treat for this book is the rich and lavish background section for the Mechanicus themselves from the organization of their forces to the layout and locations of their Forge Worlds, it’s a very revealing book!

Add in the Games Workshop, in no way ‘standard’, showcase of painted miniatures, and it looks like we have an early winner folks!



Overall the new codex introduces a a ton of new mechanics to the game and several formations, but nothing on the level of customization that we saw with the Necron and Daemonkin books.

You can, however, apply effects to your units en masse using the ‘Doctrina’ special rule, which I feel has HUGE potential both offensively and defensively as well.


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