NEW TITAN INCOMING? – Forge World Surprise!

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Forge World is NEVER one for false theatrics. Come see what may turn out to be the biggest kit they’ve ever produced.

Looks like they’ve gone retro and may release what may be the biggest Titan that can fit on the table top for Horus Heresy.

Today’s teaser video featured what appears to be a showcase of their first two titan kits in sequential order, the Warhound, and Reaver, and then a larger Titan with the teaser of ‘Tempest Spring 2015’.

This was of course before the dramatic foreshadowing intro of ‘beasts walking the Earth in the end of days’.

What is this mysterious Titan? Checkout the stills for yourself and decide.


The Warhound



The Reaver



What’s that above the Reaver’s head?


The Warlord Titan??!!




If you didn’t recognize it at first, don’t fret. I almost didn’t either. It’s the old ‘Beetle’ pattern one from ‘Space Marine’ or ‘Epic’ – whichever system you fancied.


A more familiar use of this pattern is probably some of the Horus Heresy novel covers.

With the Reaver clocking in at around $1,000, and the Manta next at $1,500 – this spring could be an expensive one for Titan fans!

I want to Believe!

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