Radiant Child – Legendary Reaver Titan

This is a heavily resculpted Reaver Titan, built for a client specifically to use in the Adepticon Titan battle this year (although, it was more of an excuse too!).

At the time back when I built the Titan, I shared my ideas for something cherub-like, as well as the notion of a character Titan, and he gave me full artistic licence and freedom to make something unique.  It would be a complete surprise.

The unveiling was wonderful.  Spare blanket covering this toddler shaped thing, walking through a horde of another unrelated convention that was ending, I met the client in the hotel lobby by the fireplace and uncovered to his surprise.  “It’s a boy!” No cigars were smoked, but he was so excited we walked it over to the bar where some pals were relaxing and they all had a round of oogling the Titan before it was shuffled off to bed.  It needed it’s rest for the big day!

The actual battle was a success.  The Titan drew a crowd and it practically won it for the good side, coming out victorious in it’s first game. There was of course, much celebration.
When I set out to build the Titan I knew I wanted something angelic and child-like, with a twist of Gothic and disturbing.  The notions of something that is normally beautiful and kind dark and disturbing are two contrasting ideas that work very well together.  Inspirations from Bayonetta creatures, the sunrise of Anor Lando, and the grit of Blade Runner all rolled into one freakishly beautiful and imposing machine.
Interested in your own character model that is uniquely yours? Contact me, and let’s see what we come up with!




















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  • Adam Richard Corrigan

    Incredible work of art, catching the gothic theme more purely than anything GW has ever produced. I am truly in awe and if i had the cash to hire such a talent I would live to see your expression of a phantom titan.

  • Pointed Stick

    somebody has been playing Bayonetta…

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