REVEALED – New Imperial Assassin Minis!

By Rob Baer | March 20th, 2019 | Categories: News / Rumors, Officio Assassinorum

ImperialAssassins (1)

The Assassins HERE and they look spectacular! Come see what may be the HOTTEST miniatures in a long time!

via MOOSE PUNCHER 4-20-2015

White Dwarf #65 cover


Let’s hit these one at a time:

  • Eversor: I’m liking that crazy corridor leaping pose, the tons of pouches and equipment and of course the psycho skullmask!
  • Callidus: Harlequin like pose and the flowing hair pulls it all together.
  • Vindicare: Almost casual hiding pose looks like it could be pulled out of any modern warfare videogame.  Nice job.
  • Culexis: very Giger-esque and menacing compared to the terrible Mardi-gras float head the last one had.  Creepiest of the bunch.

Full Assassins Roundup

~Now imagine if they re-made all the old 90’s special characters like this! 

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