Squats Are BACK! No Really…

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Everyone’s favorite sci-fi little people are BACK- Come see!

Obviously everyone has either heard of OR remembers the Squats, the ‘Space Dwarfs’ of Warhammer 40k Rogue Trader era. Well they didn’t ever make it into the latter editions, and ever even rumored to have gotten eaten by a Tyranid tendril.

Why they disappeared from the Grim Dark was always a matter of speculations, but all that’s over now the Squats are back…

Okay well sorta, like 95% back… Keep Reading

iron claw squats flyer warhammer 40K (1c)

The Squats were originally sculpted by an artist named Bob Olley, who was responsible for the ‘Iron Claw’ line of miniatures from Games Workshop, and according to his miniature site sculpting over 60 different squats.

‘Olley’ Squats even seem to be the preferred sculpt by collectors, even fetching a premium on eBay and secondary sites over the ones sculpted by later artists.

So guess who just launched a Kickstarter featuring the ‘little-people’ IP he is rumored to own. That’s Right Bob Olley.

The Squats are Back!

Of course he doesn’t call them that, or even mentioned that he sculpted the originals. However you and me know whats up, right?

Squat fans unite, and jump on this Kickstarter NOW, cause who knows if it will be another 25 years before we see miniatures like this again!

Olleys Armies Presents Armies Of The Scrunt Empire

Bob is offering over 50 different ‘Scrunt’ Miniatures in this new Kickstarter including some cloaked cybernetic ones too! Hmmm good timing on those right?

Check them out below, and be sure to go show you support for this project!

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I’m so excited for this project. Bob Olley is a legend in my book!

What Scrunts would you like to see next?

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