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ad mech showcase

From the times of the biggest conflict the Galaxy ever seen, the Horus Heresy, the Ordo Reductor cohorts of Mars unleashed their machines of destruction upon the renegade forces of the Cult Mechanicum allied with arch-traitor, Warmaster Horus.

The heaviest warmachines from the arsenal of Legio Cybernetica had also come to crush the Traitors’ armies and cover them with barrage of ground-levelling fire.

See this ancient, long-forgotten in the millenniums that past army of Forge World Mechanicum models, as well as an ancient teleport archaeotech that is in possession of Priesthood of Mars in detail by clicking each photo!

How do you like the ancient relic of technology and the weathering and rust on the Mechanicus models?

You’d like to have an army painted and have a diorama made in addition to it? Learn how to get it!

Get your miniatures painted by us!

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