BeakyCon Pre-Heresy World Eater Dice

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Hello everyone – it’s your friendly neighborhood Black Blow Fly here with a golden opportunity for you !!!

Every year I have special edition dice custom made for a 40k Grand Tournament I run in central Florida. In the past these dice were only available for those attending the GT and every year I got a lot of requests from people not attending who wanted to purchase some… well this year you can and as you can see the theme is pre heresy World Eaters !!!

You can see the icon for the World Eaters icon and they are on the 6 side of the dice – imagine decapitating an enemy character whenever you roll up the icon !

Here is how to order BeakyCon5 World Eater dice:

• 6 = $10.00
• 12 = $15.00
• 24 = $25.00

Pay via PayPal to:

[email protected]

Put BeakyCon5 Dice in the subject line and the number of dice you’re ordering in (..).

Make sure to include your shipping address. Dice will be shipped the first week of October.

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