Hobby Basics – Painting Flesh Faces

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Emperor of Mankind

Would you like to know how to paint faces so that they look more realistic? With this step by step tutorial you can learn how.

Well everyone I will start this one off by saying this is difficult. It takes time and patience but with a little practice youll be doing it in no time.

I will once again be using citadel paint range. The paints used in this process are as follows.

1. Cadian Fleshtone
2. Druchii Violet
3. Kislev Flesh
4. Flayed One Flesh
5. Ceramite White
6. Abaddon Black
7. Leadbelcher

I start the process with black primer. Then I paint all the flesh parts Cadian Fleshtone. This will take a few coats and you do need to thin your paints when doing this. Thinning can be done with straight water or Lahmian Medium. But you want to make sure not to lose any details.


Next you will want to give it a wash of Druchii violet. Druchii violet is a very underated wash it can be used to define many colors reds, golds, blues, and fleshtones are a few good examples.


Now this is where it starts getting more difficult. In this next step youll want to do the eyes first this way any mistakes can be fixed in this step. You will want to take Ceramite White and with it just on the tip of the brush approach the eye from the side of the head. Next using Abaddon black in the same way but approaching the eye from the bottom of the head instead. Dot the eye not in the center but just off center closer to the nose. Once the eyes are done you will want to go over the whole head with Cadian Fleshtone. This time leaving the recess’s druchii violet. If you made any mistakes on the eyes you can fix those now by going over them with the Cadian Fleshtone.


Now you will want to use the smallest tip brush you have for these next two steps. I use a Fine Detail Brush. Start by going around the face using Kislev Flesh and just pick out the eyebrows, nose, chin, upper lip, cheeks, jaw, ear, and top of head. This is the part that requires patience take your time.


The final step is the same as the last step only this time using Flayed One Flesh and just hitting the highest part of each of those things. The only difference is this time dont do the top of head. Instead when you get to that part just put a single line down each side of the head lined up with the furthest edge of the eyebrow ridge. And put a single line straight across the forehead to act as a extension of the brow ridge. Finally put leadbelcher on the details.


Thats it you have now painted a face!! You can use this technique for any skintone. And yes use the Druchii violet wash no matter the shade. Just use darker or lighter colors in place of the Cadian to Flayed layers. Well thats it for now everyone as always have fun with it!!

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