NEW Emperor’s Champion Model – Sigismund


Everyone’s favorite 40k duelist now has a miniature. Feast your eyes on the first Emperor’s Champion.

Via Battle Bunnies

The highlight for me and defiantly the biggest surprise here today was defiantly seeing Sigismund, First captain for the Imperial Fists.
Here are some pictures of him in all his glory and I must say he looks stunning and I can not wait to get my hands on him.

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Unfortunately even though  the program said he was available today, I was advised that they did not receive any to sell. So alas I must wait 🙁 but he is worth it

You win some you lose some, but he’s def worth the wait! Thanks to Battle Bunnies and Recalcitrant Daze for being on the floor of the event posting up great coverage!

The Hobby Salutes you!

Warhammer World Opening / Horus Heresy 5 Round Up

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