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Looking for a good squad to fly for the X-wing Miniatures game? Checkout the top 5 lists for tournament season!

Update: for the latest up to the minute TOP builds for X-Wing checkout the link below:

Top X-Wing Miniatures Fleet Builds & Tech


The new Scum and Villainy faction is shaking up the previous ‘Phantom Menace’ meta from last year. Let’s take a close look at the top lists out there and what makes them tick!

Ninja Destroyer Droids

  • IG88-B  (Veteran Instincts + Heavy Laser Cannon + Advanced Sensors + Autothrusters + Inertial Dampeners + IG-2000
  • IG88-C  (Veteran Instincts + Heavy Laser Cannon + Advanced Sensors)

The best of a lot of worlds here. This IG88 build combines a free gunner ability with higher pilot skill, the ability to scheme from activation, and a free 0 move mulligan. You opponent should go for the ‘C’ version first as those free evades are a game changer, use that to your advantage.

Traffic Cop

  • Tala Squadron Pilot x3
  • Han Solo ( Engine Upgrade + Millennium Falcon + C-3PO + R2-D2 (Crew) + Predator)

Sometimes referred to as ‘Fat Han’ this build is good at deflecting shots, and recovering shields. Flying casual is the key to victory, keep those ships close, but not too close.


Bigger Fish

  • Corran Horn (R2-D2 + Veteran Instincts + Fire Control System)
  • Dash Rendar (Engine Upgrade + Heavy Laser Cannon + Push The Limit + Kyle Katarn + Outrider)

Use Corran at Pilot Skill 10 to flank blast anything that focuses on Dash for too long. This list is all about angles, so learn the space curves and apply the squad’s overwhelming firepower well. Don’t be afraid to double up Corran’s shots to kill off the early threats.

Rebel Spam

  • Blue Squadron Pilot x4
  • Bandit Squadron Pilot

This is just a solid 5 ship build that’s strength lies in the stock stat line of the B-Wing. Master formation flying with this squad and there isn’t much that can take 16 attack dice at range one. If there is it may not be able to deal 20 shields and 12 hull points of damage back. Protect the z-95 if the game looks close so you don’t give up 12 free points, but don’t hesitate to sacrifice him to direct traffic or hunt down wounded prey if the game’s heavily in your favor.

Han Doesn’t Miss

  • Bandit Squadron Pilot
  • Tala Squadron Pilot x2
  • Han Solo (Engine Upgrade + Millennium Falcon + Gunner + C-3PO + Predator)

Work the odds with 3PO to evade Han, while blasting away at anything the little guys can’t handle. Han should be dishing out the lions share of damage here. Don’t be afraid to turn a one hit initial attack to no hits with predator in order to trigger gunner and another round of attacks that Han can modify.

There are still tons of good builds out there folks, and if history has shown us anything the top events are won by a bit of home brewing as well.

Don’t be afraid to try new things to get that edge in spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace.

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