BREAKING – New AGE of SIGMAR Miniatures Spotted!

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The new Age of Sigmar miniatures are here. You have to see what some are already saying may be the most gorgeous miniatures ever produced by Games Workshop!

Via El Taller De Villa 6-26-2015

The First Shots of the Age of Sigmar Miniatures are here;
IMG-20150626-WA0021 11541980_10153289180061187_4859148536254101387_n (1)

WHOA! Fantasy looks to have gotten a whole lot cooler all of a sudden.  Those Empire models look the rumored new ‘heavy armored’ models we’ve been hearing about since the End Times sagas as well.
Looks like the stories of round bases were true as well! After seeing these models, I bet if we go back and re-read all those rumors from the past six months there is more than a shred of truth to most off it.

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