AGE of SIGMAR – Batallions & NEW Rules

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You didn’t think it was going to be that easy, did you? Come see the LATEST on Age of Sigmar rules and the new realms HERE!

via Atia (twitter) 7-1-2015

Age of Sigmar (Formations) Batallions, round bases, and lore:


aog-bat02 aos-bat01

These look to be groups of units who get special rules – so formations basically.

Mortal Realms:

Azyr: Realm of Heaven (Sigmar’s pad)

Aqshy: Realm of Fire

Shyish: Realm of Death

Ghyran: Realm of Life

Hysh: Realm of Light

Ghur: Realm of Beasts


Game Factions:


Order – Sigmar, Duardim, Aelf, Seraphon

Chaos – Mortal Tribes, Breyherds, Skaven, Deamons

Death – Nagash, Vampires, All undead

Destruction – Orruks, Grots, Ogors

Age of Sigmar Roundup

More pics and breaking AoS News Above


~Have at it folks!

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