Da Revolushun – Rebel Grot Army!

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Da Revolushun will not be televised. Come see Adam Calver’s hot Orky Grot Revolutionaries!

I’ve been converting armies for years and while other army projects have come and gone the Grot Rebels have remained my favourite. As a result they have been rebuilt and repainted twice, with the army below being the 3rd version.


The idea was inspired by the pure gretchin armies featured in White Dwarf as well as the comics featured in Warhammer Monthly. However to build such an army 9 years ago would have been very expensive for such a limited army. So I thought to myself; “What is the 2nd weakest thing in the 40k universe?” the answer the imperial guard!
So mixing Cadian and Goblin bits I created a gretchin guard army, when converting the vehicles I decided to go with the old rogue trader ork design rather than ramshackle to distinguish the army from being too much like an ork army. Originally the weapons were standard guard weapons but I’ve recently swapped lasguns for SMGs and given the weapons a more greenskin appearance while still making sure they’re identifiable.

I also decided to give squads a bit more personality this time, instead of squads I created Warbands each with their own little appearance trait such as ‘pirates and thieves’ to ‘explosion lovers’. This allowed me to give each model their own unique look and personality, I also made each weapon look different to one another such as the shotguns in the breacher squad below. This prevented me from getting bored of painting squads as no model was the same.


Another new edition to the army was Commissar Yarrick who’s rules made him perfect for representing a Gretchin warboss, I’ve not had a single game where this character hasn’t provided me with some entertainment.

Grot Warboss2

Even though I’m about to start work on a new army project I’m still building units for the grots with the most recent unit behind this Breacher Squad where I converted the Hades Drill into a Digga.

Grot Breaching Squad

For my next unit I’m thinking of something really big and stompy!

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