Gateway to AGE of SIGMAR – White Dwarf #75 Review


The AGE of SIGMAR is here and Warhammer will NEVER be the same again. Get the first look at the game everybody seems to be talking about.

The new game has landed, and White Dwarf #75 is the gateway to Age of Sigmar. Pretty much the whole issue was taken over with stories, background, and another awesome paint splatter article all showcasing Games Workshop’s newest release.

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Learn the new fluff and background of the NINE mortal realms of Sigmar in a multi page spread of story and myth.


Get some paint on the new starter set miniatures with Sigmarite and Chaos tutorials for the new Paint Splatter feature.


Yet more Fantasy/ Age of Sigmar is coming our way for next issue judging by the teaser too.


Check it all out in my first look video review below. If you love our videos, why not click HERE to SUBSCRIBE to our channel?

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