Top 10 New Age of Sigmar Shockers

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Want to know what’s going on in the new Age of Sigmar? Come see the top 10 new Age of Sigmar shockers!

1) The Dark Prince Has Left the Building. Yup, Slaanesh is now being referred at “The Lost Prince”.  He was captured and his throne is missing thanks to Tyrion, Malerion and some scheming by Tzeentch. You can’t ever trust the Changer of Ways.

2) Skavenblight Made It! In events hinted at in End Times Thanquol, Skavenblight was successfully moved from the Old World into the Realm of Chaos. From there, the nefarious Ratmen began to extend tunnels into the other Mortal Realms. RATS!

3) GorkaMorka – Siamese twins – then RIIIIP! It looks like Gork and Mork were fused into the combined two-headed Gorkamorka for a time, then later split apart and went thier seperate ways as Gork (ferocity) and Mork (cunning).  Like those brothers could ever get along for long…

4) Khorne will be Khorne – As the Mortal Realms were on the verge of total destruction, Khorne grew impatient and unleashed his hordes on his fellow Ruinous Powers throwing the Realm of Chaos into total disarray. When Khorne alone tried to break apart the Gates of Azyr – Sigmar struck unleashing the Stormclad Eterals into his tired forces.

5) Dwarfs are ALL about the Money! The Duardim fight alongside Sigmar and the mortal forces of order, yet among them are the redhaired Fyreslayers who will only pick up arms if paid – and if paid enough will even fight for Chaos.

6) Nagash < Archaon In the War of Bones, Archaon killed Nagash at the Battle of the Black Skies, overrunning almost all of the Realm of Death. Yet deathless, Nagash reformed on his throne and is waging war again.

7) Archaon is Back – He has gone through the trials of the three remaining Chaos gods (again) and anointed a Demi-god of Chaos.  He plants banners for all his masters save the Skaven who he despises.

8) Malekith and Morathi live. Malekith was reborn as a being of malevolent shadow incarnate – Malerion.  His mother and himself are sworn to aid Sigmar  but still distrust each other.

9) Alarielle lives! Queen of the radiant Woods, she rules over the Sylvantes (wood elves) in Ghyran, the Realm of Live – locked in bitter war with Nurgle.

10) Sigmar lost his Hammer – Ghal Maraz has gone missing.  That’s gotta be embarrasing.  Maybe Captain Lysander found it 🙂


~All will be revealed SOON!

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