Does New Tzeentch Artwork, Mean New Codex?

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There is a piece of new Tzeentch artwork spotted out there.  Come see the latest!

This is either the work of a superfan, or a great plot of Tzeentchian provenience itself that may indicate a new book is incoming?

Time to judge for yourself, add salt as needed!

Via Tabletop Amigos

The artist Helge Balzer confirmed that his illusion is “Tzeentch” related.


And here’s the latest “word on the bird” from out on the net:

via bird in the trees 5-26-2015

CodexCodex is same size size as Khorne Daemonkin

Lord of Change

Release is centered around the new plastic Lord of Change

LoC is same size as the Bloodthirster

Has 2 head options, 2 staff options, hurling a fireball option.

Only comes with an oval base.

Tzeentch Sorceror

Clampack sorceror – Tzeentch

Chaos Marine styled

Has 2 head options

Has bits to allow Thousand Sons version

Again could just be some fan art, or in fact something more… nefarious!  Either way seems like any new Chaos is a good thing from a hobby standpoint.

Tzeentch Daemonkin Roundup

I want to believe!

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