MUST SEE Kytan Daemon Engine Conversion!

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You have to see the mods Arklight Studios did to make their walker into the Legendary Kytan Daemon Engine of KHORNE!

Andy Kessler from Arklight Studios converted up his already extensively kitbashed Khorne Knight Titan to make a ‘legal’ Kytan.

This big guy was the second in his ‘Titans of The Dark Pantheon’ series of conversions, and counts as a Knight Acheron!

The Brass Throne Walks!

Via Arklight

So I removed the end of the flamer and magnitized it then made a new weapon end and now I have a Kytan

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You can see the spectacular original from a few months ago here. By my count, next up in his series is a Knight of Tzeentch. Can’t wait to see that one!

‘Titans of The Dark Pantheon’

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