That’s No Moon – Assembling the Tau Manta

thats no moon

Checkout what may be the holy grail of projects for Warhammer 40k, building and painting a Tau Manta from Forge World!


You’re going to need bigger tools for this one folks…

Hobby maniac Carl Short has tackled one of the biggest hobby projects out there, and best of all he’s cataloging it for the world to see.



Turns out this model may be a bigger project than it looks that crew bay assembly looks HUGE. Good think Carl has power tools! Remember boys and girls wear a mask when trimming or sanding resin. Once that dust gets in your lungs, it rarely comes out.


All projects start with flash, uh except this flash is epic. A bonesaw looks like a must have for this one.  


Then you can follow it up with a Dremel cutting wheel, or use the wheel exclusively.


Once all your cutting and sanding is done, make it rain on your models to get off the mold release.  Make sure to use soap and water – you’ll know it’s clean when the resin squeaks.

Come see part one of this EPIC project over on Carl’s channel below! Be sure to also checkout Southern Mississippi Gamers blog as well for great hobby features and more!

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