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The Fat Sack ‘O Bits is BACK! Come see the latest limited run of these amazing stuffed bags of Games Workshop Bits!

That’s right, the Fat Sack ‘O Bits is here again, plus one lucky bag will contain something very special inside as well!

It’s the return of the SUPER FAT SACK o’ BITS, but don’t wait it’ll only be available for a VERY limited time.

These new SUPER FAT SACKS are a personal hand selected mix of bits, drawn from my extensive personal collection to give you the best possible random mix of bits  we could ever hope to stuff into one gargantuan mylar bag.

bigger bits bad

That’s right I am once again raiding my personal collection of bits, which was whittled away in my dark closet of power hidden from the world- less they devour it with their mind numbing awesomeness.

‘The Bin of Bits”

Bits Stacks

Once again some of the best bits quite possibly ever made will now be available to the public anew. Most of these bits were plucked at the peak of bits perfection over many years at Battlewagon Bits and accumulated throughout twenty plus years of modeling projects, these bits are the very extension of my love for the hobby.

These bags are 100% random mix of bits, taken from my personal bits collection.

They have been mixed to ensure (mostly) a great batch of kick ass bits in each bag. Included are bits from Orks to Guard to Marinez with everything in between- even some Age of Sigmar treats.
Each sack is a 5×8 inch 4mil plastic bag filled with bits sifted and sorted from my own personal closet of power (just don’t tell the Bits Cat I took them).
Each bag is different, and it would be very hard to find anything like it on the market today.
It’s like buying one Games Workshop kit that comes with components from a ton of other kits all in one. This is the ultimate way to upgrade your bits collection, and kick-start a new hobby project or two at the same time.

Checkout out new video unboxing of the limited run of bits bags.

We ship worldwide, but order now as these are extremely limited, and judging by past sales they will sell out after this weekend.

What’s In The Bag? 

In addition to all the mind numbing awesomeness, listed above EVERY BAG will contain the following clampack miniature (a $30 value)

  • Imperial Officio Prefectus Commissar
  • Space Marine Captain
  • Ork Big Mek
  • Ork Painboy

Plus every bag will also contain the following;

  • One Brand new Vallejo Game Color or Air Color Paint a $4.25 value.
  • One random Age of Sigmar Stormcast, or Chaos Khorne Model from the Starter Set (may also include the Character models as well).
  • One random Space Marine or Chaos Model From Dark Vengenace Starter Set (yes the HQ’s and Bike models may be in each bag as well).

bigger bits bad

But That’s Not all – Every other bag will also include a separate package of one of these great kits on sprue;

  • Space Marine Storm Talon Gunship
  • Space Marine Tactical Squad (2014)
  • Space Marine Drop Pod
  • Space Marine Razorback
  • Space Marine Venerable Dreadnought
  • Dark Angels Sammael on Jetbike (Finecast)
  • Tyranids Carnifex
  • Tyranid Warriors (2014)
  • Tyranid Genestealers
  • Age of Sigmar Stormcast Liberators (starter set, perfect for conversions)
  • Age of Sigmar Prosecutors (starter set, perfect for conversions)
  • Age of Sigmar Stormcast Character Pack (starter set, perfect for conversions)
  • Age of Sigmar Blood Warriors (starter set, perfect for conversions)
  • Age of Sigmar Blood Reavers (starter set, perfect for conversions)
  • Age of Sigmar Chaos Character Set (starter set, perfect for conversions)
  • Plus one bag will come with a Wraithknight model valued at $115!!!

That’s right not only can you get a HUGE bag of bits, but you may also get another separate package of one of the kits listed above!

And of course one lucky fat sack purchase will come with another HUGE bag of bits containing a full of cut down WRAITHKNIGHT MODEL, (a $115 value – instructions and decal sheet will be included.).

free wraithknight

So as you can tell the value really seems to add up for every two bags. You really will be hard pressed to find a better valued mix of bits out there in one convenient package! Plus half the bags this go around will be “Hot Bags” that include the great items listed above!

Don’t miss out on this incredible deal, these bags are EXTREMELY limited. We will be shipping out the first wave of bags on Monday Sept 14th so lock in your bag now, and it should ship out in the first wave on Monday!

Purchase 1 Limited Fat Sack of Bits for $80




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