Is Chapterhouse Studios Asleep at the Wheel?

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Something may be going on over at Chapterhouse studios, as customers are taking to the internet for answers about order statuses and refunds.


It appears that Chapterhouse Studios’ customer’s questions are going unanswered. Here’s some of the posts that are starting to appear on Facebook.




I also personally heard from several customers here locally that had to open investigation on Paypal to get their money back for orders placed just under a month ago.  It appears that Chapterhouse Studios didn’t even reply to those open cases, and Paypal is auto refunding customers after the minimum response time passes on complaints.


The last public release by Chapterhouse Studios was back in April showing off some new products that I can’t currently find in their online store which, as of this writing, still remains open.


It’s increasingly looking like Chapter House may be asleep at the wheel.

Have you heard from them please share your story with our readers below.

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