A Closer Look – New Horus Heresy Plastic Sprues

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Come take a look at the last pictures we had for the Plastic Horus Heresy models, and how they compare to what we’ve just seen! Darkness IS rising!

First let’s checkout the pics that started everyone salivating over the summer for this box set, the plastic sprues for the Mark IV marines.

via Waaagh Studios (Facebook) back in July of 2015.


Looks like a Praetor/Centurion Sprue with a powered armor and Cataphractii suits.


Look at that Heresy (RTB01 style) Missile Launcher!


Look at the torsos, Looks like Mk IV Maximus to me, with some others mixed in maybe!

Plastic Horus Heresy Roundup (Go here for even more pics!)

Now compare them to the sprues we saw yesterday below, and it appears that the Contemptor (below) is on the same level of quality as the minis pictured above as well.

It even looks like the sprues we saw back in July are the same that are behind the dreadnought below as well, so it looks to be a home run for Heresy fans everywhere.




The only thing we haven’t had good visuals on are the new Cataphractii termies, but judging from the amazing looking praetor above it’s not very hard to believe they are not just as awesome looking and pose-able as the Mark IV models as well.

So far we’ve seen Mk IV Maximus Armor and Cataphractii Terminators, and the Contemptor (below).  There are cards, tokens of some type, and what looks like pics of part of the shrink-wrapped box. Ultramarines and Word Bearers as reported.


It looks like only decals will be included for legion marking, because lets face it roughly 2/3 of Heresy items for sale on Forge World’s site  are “upgrade sets”!

Well played, Games Workshop, well played.

Betrayal At Calth Roundup

~OMG it’s happening!


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