BREAKING – Nathaniel Garro Mini & Horus Heresy Book VI

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Come see the latest previews for the newest Horus Heresy Book: Retribution and a new Character miniature for Nathaniel Garro!

Good guy Battle Bunnies is on the scene at Warhammer World for the 40k open this weekend, and is snapping pictures!

Via Battlebunnies 10-17-2015



A very ominous ending to a presentation… I wonder if there will be a big Horus Heresy Expansion reveal Tomorrow?

So First Loken, and now Nathaniel Garro. The Heresy is full of all sorts of Characters! Book VI also looks to be one of the most robust ones yet, with tons of legions in attendance! It may just be a great time to start playing some Heresy.

The new previews are looking good so far – checkout the rest of the pics from the event below!

40k Open Roundup

Fingers Crossed…?


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