Games Workshop’s Black Friday Sale Items?

By Rob Baer | November 23rd, 2015 | Categories: News / Rumors

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Here’s the latest on the limited stockspecial Black Friday bundles that will only be available  as supplies last “in store” by GW on November 27 – 29.


Multiple Games Workshop Store Facebooks are now saying the following over the weekend:

An exciting new opportunity for all of you to earn yourself a £10 voucher, just bring someone down who you think would enjoy our wonderful hobby and if they start with one of the 3 Starter Sets you AND your friend earn a £10 voucher.

Currently there is no “official” word on what they may be doing in the US, OR what the specific bundles will be for the sale offering either, but there’s a lot of talk about 20-30 special “bundles” that will be offered during the Black Friday festivities!

Either way all the chatter seems to line up with the previous rumors about this weekend:

Via v6v77 on Bolter and Chainsword

Hey all

Whether this is news or common knowledge i dont know but im putting it here for you all to decide/addany extra info.

GW will be running a 3 day black friday event this year. There will be unique boxes with unique saving that you cannot get elsewhere and will be cheaper than buying all your stuff seperately from your local FLGS.

These will be GW only and it is possible that they will be only FOR THAT DAY.

This from my local GW guy.

Oh and also….

2×£10 vouchers for introducing someone too 40k or sigmar. However these are unlocked by the purchase of a starter set and my local GW (along with many others) will be giving them out too anyone who buys a starter set from either main system.

Thats Dark vengence for £45 in the form of a full price DV and £20 in vouchers.

These vouchers can then be turned into full blown gift vouchers and transfered across the GW/FW and possibly even BL stores.


Is this Games Workshop really trying to get new folks into their stores, or is it just all rhetoric?  They seem to be making major moves out there as of late, I wonder what we’ll see from them next?

Are you going, or still on the fence?

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