New Tau Mont’ka Dawn Blade Detachment & Formations

By Rob Baer | November 22nd, 2015 | Categories: News / Rumors

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Come see the new Dawn Blade detachment for the upcoming Tau Mont’ka supplement that’s coming soon from Games Workshop!

Via Boomwolf on ATT 11-21-2015

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And Boomwolf’s first impressions:

Dawn Blade Contingent bonus-not nearly as good as hunter contingent.

CORE RETALIATION! OMGWTFBBQ, Now I need to get a broadside 😛

Dawn hunter cadre-nothing of note.

Air caste asset/allied advance-same old as kayon.

Counter strike-unimpressed.

Rapid insertion-trash. really. nothing compared to retaliation.

Ranged Support-pretty amazing.

Piranha Wing-pretty damn cool. EDIT:actually broken as hell. especially with drone formations.

Ghostkneel Wing-confused by it. tau stopping enemy overwatch? huh?! (Probably added to codex formations, and not the dawn contingent)

Riptide Wing-brutal. outright brutal.

Skysweep-not impressed.

Ethereal council-I don’t quite get why one would do that… (Probably added to codex formations, and not the dawn contingent)

Drone network-SKYNET IS ALIVE! MUHAHAHA! seriously, this is scary good. finally all the drones that tau players collected over the years became a true force to be reckoned with.

Air superiority-pretty cool actually. the jets themselves are not amazing-but with this? you OWN the skies.


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