One & Done? CONFIRMED Heresy Print Runs & Avialbility

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There’s a lot of rumors swirling around today about the new Horus Heresy box set, and how available it will be for collector’s and hobbyists alike. Checkout what everyone is saying about the release.

First off several retailers who have spoken with us anonymously, have told Spikey Bits that Horus heresy will be a one and done release. Like Space Hulk, or Dreadfleet, but Games Workshop is ramping up their production and kicking these things out in “waves” over the next six weeks.

That seems to line up with what several other folks are saying online from the last week:

via B&C’s The Psycho 10-31-2015

“It’s not limited, and also, they’ve produced (and this is a straight quote from my local redshirt) an “Imperial #&@!ton”, that is to say 40% more than the first run of Age of Sigmar (and they’re not done yet!) Also, they have the production capacity to manufacture that same amount within 3 weeks. So don’t worry, it’s not limited.”

betrayal at calth

So if this is true, it seems like we may not have to stress much to get our hands on the new Heresy plastics come November 14th. The big question may be, what will happen after that?

Then we have this little tease from Hastings from late last week…

via 75hastings69 10-28-2015

The Plan for Horus Heresy

“As I said back in February 🙂 standalone HH game. Later develops into a main 30k range to replace hobbit on store shelves.

Q: Ok, so this will become an actual miniatures game and not be restricted solely to being a board game?

A: That’s what I was told yes. Not sure on timeframe, but all so far is going exactly as I was told and posted.

…my source (who gave me the info in January) had already seen boxes with the 30k logo on printed some boxes had 30k & 40k logos on, as I reported in February. I will not go into specifics as to what these kits were, but they are obviously worked on already if the boxes are done 🙂

…The plan is for 30k to replace LotR on the store shelves, that plan and the releases AFTER HH standalone box is already WELL into the production time cycle.”

hhc ore set

And now were seeing this new release sheet from retailers, and it appears to confirm that their will be waves of starters available to retailers starting next week.

Perhaps more curious is the notation: Core Game?  Seem to me that means this will be an ongoing stand-alone line for at least the “short term” from Games Workshop, just as Hastings mentioned above.

Other Core Games in the past included Dark Vengeance, Black Reach, and Battle for Macragge for 40k, and Island of Blood for Fantasy.

Betrayal At Calth Roundup

~It’s good to know these will be available for longer than just “a drop in the pan”. But don’t sleep too long or you may miss out!

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