SPOTTED – New Astra Militarum Rules Are Here!

By Rob Baer | November 22nd, 2015 | Categories: News / Rumors

imperial guard walpaper astra militarum

Come see all the new rules that the Astra Militarum are getting in the new Mont’ka Expansion for Black Friday. You do NOT want to miss these!

Via Scanner

new astra militarum imperial guard montka

Whoa, paging Space Wolf Scouts?

new astra militarum imperial guard montka

Now anyone can be a “Pask”?

new astra militarum imperial guard montka


2015’s Fist Bump?



Wow after reading these, it’s hard to pick a favorite, luckily there are a TON more new rules for the guard below! Spoiler alert the Guard sorta get their own Librarus conclave!

Mont’ka Imperial Guard Rules Roundup

Woe to the Tau, the Hammer Blow is about to land! 

Episode 27 – Gamer’s Bill of Rights

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