Top 3 Spoilers From The Mont’ka Expansion

By Rob Baer | November 28th, 2015 | Categories: Product Review, Tau, Top 10, Warhammer 40k

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Things are heating up in the Damocles Gulf – LITERALLY. Come see the top three spoilers to the latest episode in the battle for Agrellan or Mu’gulath Bay.

++++++ Warning: Spoiler Alert ++++++



Duel in the Sands

Knight Commander Pask and Longstike engage each other in the opening battles of the engagement, neither knowing the identity of the other. Pask shreds the tanks around Longstrike, and only Longsrike’s innate reflexes keep his tank alive enough to limp away initially.

Later on Pask’s tank is obliterated by Longstrikes’ new squad mates, after Farsight and his fabled 8 wreck Pask’s tank column.

Pask survives, injured and will fight on another day.


The Gulf is On Fire..

After the Tau’s ability to use the planet’s storms against the imperial forces becomes clear, and Farsight’s arrival tips the balance of the campaign into the xeno’s hands, the ultimate sanction is granted and a new type of Exterminatus is visited upon Mu’gulath Bay.

Unexpectedly the resulting firestorm ignites most of the celestial storms in the system, and the majority of the Damocles Gulf burns.

The Tau may now be cut off from their own sept space on the other side of the Gulf, as well. The Earth caste is on the case trying to invent new technologies to get back though the gulf, but odds are they are going to tinker a little too much with the warp now I would imagine?


Killing Blow

But before all that, an Imperial Assassin Execution Strike Force is dispatched to take out the Tau high command, The Vindicare, and Eversor engage Farsight only to be thwarted at the last second. The Callidus also nearly succeeds in taking out Shadowsun as well. However the Supreme Ethereal Aun’Va is not so lucky and dies alone in an Imperial ruin to the psychic anomaly that is the Culuxus.

Strangely, videos of Aun’va surface after the battle, leading the survivors and speaking of the ongoing campaign. It is however all an elaborate ruse, as the Ethereal is indeed dead. Worse yet, Farsight knows it…

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