Advent Day 15: Painting Stubble & Slaaneshi Armor

By Rob Baer | December 15th, 2015 | Categories: News / Rumors


It’s Fred Flintstone time from GW. Come see how to paint that 5 o’clock shadow onto your models, and Slaanesh gets some love in Advent Calendar day 15!

GW Advent Calendar – DECEMBER 15

The theme for this year’s advent calendar is Chaos (appropriate considering Archaon’s return), so expect plenty of Chaos Lords, Chaos Space Marines and Daemons committing dastardly deeds and concocting nefarious plans.”

Warhammer TV

WHTV Stubble & Beards – Advent Calendar Day 15

In this video Duncan shows you how to paint stubble and beards which are perfect for all kinds of miniatures including Duardin and even Cadian Shock Troops.

Black Library

Advent Calendar Webpage


Advent Day 15: Blood and Iron $3.99

Day fifteen in the Black Library Advent Calendar

Iron Warriors Warsmith Ferrix seeks to fuse the power of the Blood God with a powerful war machine.

It chronicles an audacious plan to install a daemonic essence in the mightiest of destructive machines: a corrupted Imperial Titan.


BLPROCESSED-AOS Painting Guide Slaanesh tablet cover

Advent Day 15: Aos Slaanesh Painting Guide $4.99

Day fifteen in the Warhammer Digital Advent Calendar

This Warhammer Age of Sigmar painting guide focuses on the followers of Slaanesh.

If bright pink is your thing, this is the painting guide for you. The followers of Slaanesh are stylish, after all…

Yabbba daba dooooooooooo!

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