RUMORS – New Chaos Space Marines & Tzeentch Incoming?

By Rob Baer | December 11th, 2015 | Categories: Miniature Wargaming News & Rumors

Lord of change tzeentch

Looks like someone can see into a very Chaotic future. Checkout what one of the biggest rumormongers has to say about Chaos AND Space Marines in 2016

via DakkaDakka’s SadPanda

Here is his reply to an assertion that there would be no Chaos Marine codex in 2016:

fateweaver change

“If you think of a full new CSM Codex 7th Ed. with a full overhaul of rules and/or models, you’re probably right.

If you mean absolutely nothing for Chaos Marines, you’ll be wrong.

It is true that 2016 will have (among other things) a (mostly AoS) Tzeentch-theme running through it, similar to how 2015 had Khorne.

The reason there likely won’t be a Tzeentch Daemonkin, is because GW is doing possible cross-overs a bit more deliberately than the written-over-a-weekend KDK.

That said, just about the only thing in a fairly impressive pipeline of (mostly AoS) Tzeentch that is NOT ready or even sculpted yet, is the LoC. If he comes, he’ll be the tail end, possibly as late as 2017, not the kick-off to Tzeentch the way the Bloodthirster was for Khorne. “



All according to plan –  It looks like we may just be seeing Chaos in 2016 after all.

But to be totally honest I’m shocked about one thing… What the heck is that about  Khorne Daemonkin being written over a weekend??? I guess that explains all the KDK rules conundrums now doesn’t it?

~Have at it folks!

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