The $40 Fake – Recast Knight Titan Review

recast knight titan (2)

Is it worth it? Recasters are upping their game now with plastic sprues. Come take a look at the differences between a real plastic knight and a FAKE one.

It’s a strange time we’re living in when our hobby has become SO popular that Chinese re-casters have the ability (and capital) to make injection molded knock offs of one of the most iconic products of Warhammer 40k; the Imperial Knight Titan.

Not only that. but from what we’ve uncovered the fake knight sells for about 1/4 the cost of the real one, making it an incredible alluring deal for most hobbyists.

But IS buying such a cheaper product worth it, and does Games Workshop need to up their quality to keep the re-casters at arms length?

Let’s take a closer look:


The original on the right is clearly more crisper and fuller details wise. I would wager a guess that the recast pictured (left) is a least 1/64th smaller in all dimensions. The dullness of detail is also visible to the naked eye.


Not only do the re-casters possess the technology, capital and drive to recast the knight, they can also apparently manipulate the parts into a new sprue configuration. Either via 3D or manual (analog) means, they have changed two of the three original sprues.

recast knight titan

More dull details and visibly smaller components on a reconfigured third sprue.

From what I can see from my inspection of these sprues is that GW can sleep safe at night knowing that the quality of this particular knockoff pales in comparison to the real thing. Personally I would frown at the prospect of building what amounts to a xerox copy of an original that is even visibly smaller in both size and detail, however I can recognize how some hobbyists will care more about the price tag than quality.

Price is indeed a reflection of the law of supply and demand, and I feel like we can all agree that at 75% OFF there is a larger demand for this particular product than at the original’s MSRP of over $150.

The real question may be however what are finical implications of purchasing recast plastic kits, instead of supporting your local gaming store (if you have one). Because at that point you’re diverting funds that are the LIFEBLOOD of a small business to overseas, which has the potential to quickly put a store in a bind if multiple customers are all engaging in this behavior.

Can the hobby survive this latest development, or will the only patrons of the re-casters be the folks who were never in the market for the $150 kit in the first place?

The $40 Fake – Recast Knight Titan Review

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  • Tilemachos Bossios

    for 40 it’s awesome for me and that 1/64 smaller is a benefit cause I’m getting easier cover.

    • denzark

      A cheat and an accomplice to thieves to boot.

  • Pyrrhus of Epirus

    Love to see a mainstream site with this content on it. I own a recast knight i got for less than $40 bucks, love the quality. Also love my $45 dollar revenant titan, my 3 $24 dollar wraithknights, 40 dollar Lynx, $32 dollar scorpian super heavy tank. Obviously i have ordered a ton of recasts at this point, but in general i actually find that its mostly the FW stuff that goes for insane cheap prices while with the regular GW stuff is in general only slightly cheaper. (plus i lose paying american prices as a canadian.

    I figure i must have spent around $1500 on models from “chinaforge” in the last 15 months. Currently have around 10k eldar i did not have a single model of 15 months ago, my chaos force has several new units, and i now own several 30k vehicles and my ultras force is ready to be built/painted and played.

    GW and thier pricing had priced me out of the hobby, chinaforge brought me back in and now with a bunch of guys i play with involved in recasts, our games are getting cooler all the time as everybody who has had thier eyes on FW models for years, are able to buy and field them.

    • Pyrrhus of Epirus

      after watching the video, and you refer to recasting as a plague, i can tell how out of touch with reality you are, but am willing to concede it hurts out local gaming store. Alas my local store is more about magic and offers no GW discount, most guys who buy legit in my area, order it from online discounters anyway.

    • Badgerboy1977

      If everybody did that there would be no hobby as the re casters do not create the designs or the demand for them, support the people that deserve it not the leeches destroying then.

      • Camisa

        If here in portugal we all did what you say, 90% of hus still played with 4th edition fig…. a knihgt here costs 125 euros and an averege guy is payed in a month 600 euros… just do the mat…

        • Badgerboy1977

          That’s fine and everything but you can absolutely still save up for it, proxy it or find a cheaper hobby.
          Anything other than supporting copyright infringers and criminal gangs that only harm the hobby quite frankly.

          There really is no excuse as they are not essentials, they are just well made toy soldiers essentially. You have no moral right to own them.

          • Pyrrhus of Epirus

            you just told a guy who pointed out that a single model can cost 20 percent of a entire months income to save up for it. I think i would prefer to not have to eat ramen noodles everyday so i can buy a ridiculously overpriced model at months end.

            Im not gonna hate on you or break out the GW white knight dead horse, but people like me, and this camisa person apparently, wouldnt be buying anything anyway. If anything recasters are helping GW get some money from me because i do still buy things from them like all my paints/primer and i like physical copies of rulebooks still. They reap what they sow when it comes to recasts with their pricing

          • Badgerboy1977

            It’s an expensive model no matter where you are to be fair though and not representative of the majority of models that are available, also saving up is always an option no matter what your income. Takes longer for some than others, that’s all.

          • Panda-s1

            well okay, if Miles who works in an office can build up his army faster than Joe Bob who’s a janitor in the same place, is that really fair? if GW just sold miniatures for show that’d be one thing, but what models I have can seriously affect how I play my army, and how competitive it can be.

            this is a huge reason why people keep flocking to games like Warmachine and Infinity. with 40k you have to bring at least like a thousand points to the table to have anything meaningful. Warmachine on the other hand, I can just buy a friggin’ starter set, maybe another unit or two, but the difference is I can keep using that small army over and over again. people are down to fighting a small skirmish instead of having to do a huge 3 hour long battle every time. these games better support your “save up your income slowly” ideology. on top of that, Privateer introduces a bunch of small things at once, letting players pick and choose what they want to add to their collection. GW on the other hand releases all the new stuff for a single army in an effort to get people to shed yet another $1000 on their crap.

            I’m sorry, but having stayed close to the hobby for a decade and a half, including two and a half years working at an FLGS, I know GW’s business plan is more about maximizing their profits over actually caring about their fanbase.

          • soulrage

            “You have no moral right to own them.” Since when does any hobbyist need a “moral right” to own anything? I love that you feel you have a “moral right” to tell someone to get a cheaper hobby. Just because you spend tons of cash on the actual product when, others choose to spend less, doesnt make you superior.

          • Badgerboy1977

            The amount I might or might not spend on the hobby gives me no moral superiority you’re correct (for the record I’m a relatively poor jobbing artist) but my stance on re casters absolutely does for all the reasons I’ve already stated, particularly when it would make such a difference to my own finances if I did use them.
            If you can’t see that then that’s your falling my friend not mine.

  • Jason

    Given the fact that I’d only be spending $40, and that after paint and detailing it would be difficult to distinguish, I think the recast is a serious threat to GW.

    Think about it… for the price of ONE GW kit, I could buy 3 recast kits. That’s a pretty big deal, even with some nominal loss of “quality”.

    Hell, I still play with 2nd and 3rd edition models, so “quality” is clearly a subjective thing…

    • Badgerboy1977

      “after paint and detailing it would be difficult to distinguish”, you did see the kit right? It was visibly smaller and far less detailed, even with a spectacular paint job it would still be blindingly obvious.

  • Federico Pinci

    You have to admit that if these people can market an analogous product for a price that is 4 times inferior than the original, it means that GW is charging WAY too much. It definitely means that it is not true that casting these things in plastic necessarily costs hundreds of thousands and that it may be done for far less. This is not a large phenomenon yet so i am not sure the damage for resellers is so incredible at this point. On the other hand I suppose it is in the resellers’ interest to start pressing GW for a severe price reduction.

    • Jason

      it’s not even “4 times inferior”. Sure, there’s some detail loss, but after paint and all, how much are you going to notice from 3 ft away?

      • Wilfen82

        “for a price that is 4 times inferior”

        I had to re-read just to be sure 🙂

        • Jason

          Yeah, sorry, apparently I didn’t read that right, did I?

          I think Mr. Pinci was saying it was 1/4 the price, for a “good enough” model.

          Either way, it’s still a major issue.

    • Badgerboy1977

      You’re completely disregarding the much higher wages in the UK, the costs of r&d, distribution and marketing, how much they pay the designers and the fact that the re casters clearly put as little effort as possible into the actual product to save on even more cash.

      Basically speaking it costs far less because it cost them nothing to research, design and market it, labour costs are virtually nothing in China (particularly if it’s a sweatshop) and the materials and actual kit are very cheaply made themselves.

      Do not support them ever, just save up, proxy a model or find a cheaper hobby. Anything else is just harming the hobby quite frankly.

  • Wilfen82

    While the item is 1/4 of its original price the video was 3/4 personal opinion rather than comparison of product. Were adults we don’t need the guilt trip but thanks all the same.

    Whilst recognising the moral and ethical issues of buying counter fit product this does show that these things can be made cheaper. Yes you don’t have all the background costs of GW but if all large kits are being priced up like that then they’ve easily got that covered particularly with staff reductions and shortening of opening hours.
    Personally I have the same issue with their army books (having worked in the book/publishing trade) particularly when they first came out at £30 a pop with half of it a rehash of old pictures/photo’s etc knowing that in two years it would be invalid anyway.

    Would I pay £80+ for one of these, honestly no I can’t justify it. Would I feel more comfortable paying around £20 (1/4 price) and spending extra to make it look Choasy from bits, yes I would. As for the whole “your hurting the little man” shtick, maybe in places this is an issue but where I am two local gaming stores closed down and it wasn’t due to buying cheap imitations. One of the issues for both store was that suppliers like GW wouldn’t offer them deals so as not to undermine the local store.

    • Melody Corrie

      And this is why I stopped playing. I am glad to see that I am not the only person who feels this way.

  • Matthew Mullen

    I will not by knock-offs of things I can happily purchase at my FLGS. They’re really the only reason our local community is still going strong, and offer a ton of awesome gaming space and huge prize support for tournaments.

    Forge World products on the other hand are totally fair game for me to look to re-casters. If I’m shipping my money across the damn ocean one way or another for a specialty resin product of which I’m likely only buying 1 a year anyway, I’d much rather pay $40 for a re-cast than $200 for a “real” one. A great deal of the time a good part of that extra $160 ends up being sunk directly in to my FLGS for paint, supplies and support models for my re-cast toy, which does way more good for our community than sending all my cash to England would.

  • Badgerboy1977

    Do not ever purchase from re casters, they only harm this hobby.

    It’s entirely up to GW/FW or any other company to decide how much they charge for their models based on far more than simply material costs, if you can’t afford that then either save up, proxy or find a cheaper hobby. Anything else is essentially stealing and supporting what amounts to criminal activity.

    Don’t be an entitled a hole basically.

    • Panda-s1

      “Do not ever purchase from re casters” lol what are you, a cop?

      • Badgerboy1977

        Nope, I just own a moral compass and a good understanding of why it’s only harmful to buy from them. Both of which seem woefully lacking in many on here….

        • Panda-s1

          Shit, I also have a moral compass, and it tells me the way GW does business is pretty damn unfair to its customers. I’m not condoning people buying a pirated miniature, but I can understand why someone might want to buy a model of slightly less quality in an effort to not feel like they’re being price gouged (also would be great if you responded to my other comment, but I guess you can’t bs your way out of that one, lol)

  • Dan

    I’ve seen a few recasts that are as good or even better quality than the original GW models.

    There is a guy at my club who regularly purchases recasts, not sure who he goes with but his particular recaster doesn’t use the usual cheap crappy plastic/resin that most recasters normally use. This stuff is actually pretty high quality so it cost a bit more than the usual chinese recasts usually do, but still only around 50% of what GW/Forgeworld charge for the same kits.

    Local guy recently picked up a bunch of Marine Centurions and they are exactly the same size as the GW kit, no loss in detail. The plastic is as good as GW’s as well, the only way I can tell the difference is due to the colour of the bare plastic (recast being much lighter than GW’s kit). All his other kits have been just as good, like the new Eldar Jetbikes, wraithguard and even the wraithknight. Once painted I could not tell any of recasts apart from the legit GW kits.

    Same applies to the Forgeworld kits. His recast Eldar Revenant titan is superior in every possible way to the legit one I bought from forgeworld. We compared both the kits and the recast had better quality resin that was easier to work with and more hardwearing than FW’s. Was also a better quality cast overall with fewer mold lines and vents to clean up. On top of that the recast didn’t require several hot water baths in order to bend certain parts of the kit back into shape…… I’d even argue that the Detail is arguably better than my legit one too, lot of the detail is much sharper.

    If a few more of the recasters switched to using whatever plastic/resin this other guy had, GW would be in serious trouble.

    • SMAC

      That’s exactly right. Zero incentives and they give you no support. Add to that the false sales hook they offer when you sign on with them and they are the worst supplier bar-none.

  • Averlorn

    This just proves that GW has been lying to everybody and their products shouldn’t be costing as much as they are charging.

    • Rob ‘Jenx’ Jenkins

      And your response proves you have no idea about business.
      $40 for a guy to take a mould from something, twiddle about changing a sprue layout and doing the casting.
      GW is more expensive because: better quality, someone spent months designing and sculpting the original model under an art director, someone painted up and photo’d several models as display pieces to help sell it, they created a box and art, shipped it to stores that then rely on those sales to pay the rent, bills and staff wages, have a customer service department and online website.
      So you think all those people’s wages and services should be free to match your uninformed opinion?
      Get real, GW is expensive because it is a quality service. The recasters would have nothing to steal if GW hadn’t done all the legwork in the first place.

      • thecactusman17

        $40 is a model with profit. And recasts/knockoffs can rarely manage volume sales, especially for such a niche hobby. So we can guess that it’s actually a pretty solid profit, too.

        Yes, GW IS putting more costs into each model and does have more expenses. It is also undeniably true that they are pricing the majority of their players out of their hobby systems, especially the gamer subgroup that buys multiples of many of the most expensive units. If GW is not careful to balance their overhead against the cost of buying into their hobby they won’t need to worry about counterfeit models for very long.

  • Simon Bradley

    Alright.. I have to weigh in on this, because I have something to comment that people might not know/understand from the 40K community.

    First, mimicry is an artform in China. The key is to make a copy so good you can even fool the original producers. Minor point here.

    Second is that this is really not a new thing, having knock-off copies of plastic kits. Yes, it is new to the 40K community, but it is not new in scale models. There are two solid examples of this, the companies Kitech and Zhengdefu. They are well known to produce copies of existing scale model kits from the major producers, like Hasegawa. I even have an example of such a kit. They aren’t quite the same if you put them side by side, much like the Knights, but these companies have existed for many years. I’m not surprised in the least that they are coming to 40K – with prices being what they are, versus the overhead costs for producing semi-duplicate kits, I wouldn’t be surprised if they aren’t making a modest profit at $40.

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