The $40 Fake – Recast Knight Titan Review

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Is it worth it? Recasters are upping their game now with plastic sprues. Come take a look at the differences between a real plastic knight and a FAKE one.

It’s a strange time we’re living in when our hobby has become SO popular that Chinese re-casters have the ability (and capital) to make injection molded knock offs of one of the most iconic products of Warhammer 40k; the Imperial Knight Titan.

Not only that. but from what we’ve uncovered the fake knight sells for about 1/4 the cost of the real one, making it an incredible alluring deal for most hobbyists.

But IS buying such a cheaper product worth it, and does Games Workshop need to up their quality to keep the re-casters at arms length?

Let’s take a closer look:


The original on the right is clearly more crisper and fuller details wise. I would wager a guess that the recast pictured (left) is a least 1/64th smaller in all dimensions. The dullness of detail is also visible to the naked eye.


Not only do the re-casters possess the technology, capital and drive to recast the knight, they can also apparently manipulate the parts into a new sprue configuration. Either via 3D or manual (analog) means, they have changed two of the three original sprues.

recast knight titan

More dull details and visibly smaller components on a reconfigured third sprue.

From what I can see from my inspection of these sprues is that GW can sleep safe at night knowing that the quality of this particular knockoff pales in comparison to the real thing. Personally I would frown at the prospect of building what amounts to a xerox copy of an original that is even visibly smaller in both size and detail, however I can recognize how some hobbyists will care more about the price tag than quality.

Price is indeed a reflection of the law of supply and demand, and I feel like we can all agree that at 75% OFF there is a larger demand for this particular product than at the original’s MSRP of over $150.

The real question may be however what are finical implications of purchasing recast plastic kits, instead of supporting your local gaming store (if you have one). Because at that point you’re diverting funds that are the LIFEBLOOD of a small business to overseas, which has the potential to quickly put a store in a bind if multiple customers are all engaging in this behavior.

Can the hobby survive this latest development, or will the only patrons of the re-casters be the folks who were never in the market for the $150 kit in the first place?

The $40 Fake – Recast Knight Titan Review

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