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Not a lot is actually known about one of the biggest Space Marine vehicles out there: the Mastodon Heavy Assault tank. Come see what we DO know.

In fact it only appears in two Horus Heresy Books, and they only reveal is only a basic outline of the tank and what it does.  It almost feels like the mysterious ‘Stormbird ” from years ago that took 20+ Horus Heresy novels to finally get the full feel of it…

Both are set to get their own vehicles this year from Forge World, and they look to be HUGE hobby undertaking for anyone that picks them up.

Here is what we do know about the Mastodon via our friends at Lexicanum (pictures via Recalcitrant Daze)!
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Mastodon (Vehicle)

The Mastodon is a Space Marine Heavy Tank used during the Horus Heresy and likely the Great Crusade.


The Mastodon was in use by the Iron HandsSpace Marine Legion during the early stages of the Horus Heresy and most likely before. It is likely that other Space Marine Legions used the Mastodon as well. For example, at the outset of the One-Five-Four-Six ‘Kharaatan’ Campaign, the Salamanders had enough Mastodons to transport the entire Legion force present – approx 6000 Legionaries.



The Mastodon is a heavy-duty tank far larger than the Land Raider Battle Tank. It is described as being quad-tracked and capable of carrying up to forty Space Marines into combat. It is equipped with power-fields to protect it and its occupants from harm; these power-fields are powerful enough to block Autocannon shells and even Lascannon blasts.


Look for this behemoth by the end of the year, model wise. Fluff wise, well maybe we’ll get a treat in the new Horus Heresy rulesbook from Forge World as well?

Checkout more pictures of the tank and other Astartes releases (like the new primarch, etc) below;

Games Workshop’s 40th Birthday Teasers

Just when you thought a Spartan tank was all you needed…

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