CONFIRMED – GW Going for Stores Like Wal-Mart & Target!

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Don’t be surprised if you see Games Workshop kits in your local Target or Wal-Mart this Christmas season, GW is making serious moves. Come see the latest!

Here’s a quick recap from yesterday’s BIG news:

Via Chris Smith on Spikey Bits Hobbies and Tiny Plastic Spacemen (facebook) 1-27-2016



GW looks to be poised to enter the toy and model market this winter with a new “Build & Paint” line that was just spotted at the Nuremburg Toy Fair

Looks like Games Workshop fully intents on #bringinghobbyback with entry level plastic model kits that look to include everything you need to get started in the hobby itself!

The price point is also very aggressive for competing in the model industry with “snap together” kits costing roughly the same for each respective size.

These pictures show a new line of Games Workshop “Build & Paint” kits that look to be aimed specifically at toy and model shops.



GW’s BIG Plan

Tiny Plastic Spacemen reports today from the show again, the following:

“…We’ve been to talk to the GW guys just now and spoke with the person who is the main contact that is listed on the flyer. GW *are* aiming to get into big-box, high/main street retailers as well as ‘normal’ model & hobby shops.
Box art is not finalized, neither are the actual contents, so the sprues, sprue colors and paint colors are subject to change. I was even asked if the sprues ought to be colored blue or green (I think they should). They’re not aiming these sets at gamers or even 40K players, the guy I talked to reminisced with me about playing with his Airfix models fighting dinosaurs and getting blown up by Action Man howitzers. These are for little kids to spot next to the Airfix sets in hobby and craft stores and potentially bigger retail chains as well.
We asked if AoS/fantasy boxes will come and that will depend on requests and demand. Probably no new molds, they’re looking at existing molds only at the moment….”

I think this may be a HUGE boon for Games Workshop, as the potential to turn current and future generations of modelists into GW hobbyists is a great idea! By getting into the Big Box stores and even smaller model and toy stores, the company can now level the playing the field against their competitors, while gaining new customers OUTSIDE of their boutique toy soldier market.

The timing on this couldn’t have been any better either as we move forward into a very interesting 2016 full of new releases and brands from a myriad of competitors.

Special thanks to  Tiny Plastic Spacemen for their “boots on the ground” reporting. Be sure to should all head over to their site for even more info.

~Clean up of jaws dropping on aisle 4?

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