Games Workshop 2016 Release Roadmap Schedule?

By Rob Baer | January 22nd, 2016 | Categories: News / Rumors

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The rumors have been coming hot and heavy the last few weeks about new Space Marines, Chaos and more. Come see what it all may mean!

So here’s all the latest and greatest rumors form the past few weeks all collated up from BoLS. If you take a closer look some interesting trends seem to jump right out at you.

Grab your salt shakers and have a look at what may be a slow release period (again) for Warhammer 40k.


Via BoLS:

You all can pick through these and try to figure out what you think GW’s best release schedule week to week might be.


Chaos: Grand Alliance AoS

Order: Grand Alliance AoS

Death: Grand Alliance AoS

Destruction: Grand Alliance AoS

Death Release Window (starring an undead giant) AoS

Space Wolves Release Window 40K

Space Wolves vs Chaos Daemons Campaign 40K

Horus Heresy Plastic Reboxes Release Window 40K



Betrayal at Calth Boxed Game Sequel 40K

Oruks Release Window (starring a Wyvern) AoS

Duardin Release Window (starring a construct) AoS

Deathwatch Boxed Game 40K



Any Specialist Game Release (I would be shocked if they had any ready in time, but you never know)


So now do the math on all those rumored releases, and we only have 23 weeks to fill in the half year leading up to the close of the fiscal year for Games Workshop.

The the “sooner” pile seems to be bigger than the calendar can fit, and the later column is a little lacking. It’s almost like you could hide an entire 3-4 weeks worth of releases (i.e. an whole army release) in the later side and still have enough to ride out the calendar to summer!

Add salt to taste, and leave your thoughts below on what YOU think well be seeing sooner, and later.

-How would you release THIS line-up?

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