LEGO- Battlefleet Gothic Lunar Class Cruiser

By Gothmog | January 21st, 2016 | Categories: BFG, Conversion Corner, Conversions, LEGO, Offbeat

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Come see this MASSIVE project I did a few years back; a LEGO Lunar Class cruiser to scale with it’s grim dark couterpart:

The colouration (red) washed out some of the depth perception in these photos. Speaking of colour, I would have liked it to be more uniform, but I worked with what I had. Another let down was my inability to incorporate torpedo tubes, due to the complexity of the armoured prow (which is ironically the most fragile part). Although, I do like how the prow turned out, eagle and all.

All in all it is within 85% to scale with the model (mid-size one in the foreground for scale), limited by the size of certain lego pieces and a little short towards the aft (running out of critical structural pieces). The level of detail is better in person.

Lego ship 010Lego ship 001Lego ship 006 Lego ship 005 Lego ship 007

Not shown is the interior. There are 3 decks and the bridge, each with crew on them. Unfortunately, due to space limitations with keeping it to scale, I had to put the strategium on the main deck rather than the bridge. It still has a rotating door and a command throne though. Right behind the Strategium (which is directly under the bridge) are the engineering spaces and forward of it is a main space, then a hatch, then the gunnery decks. Each Lance turret has operators and the weapons batteries also have crews.


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