NEW FORGE WORLD – Warlord Titan Weapons Spotted!

By Rob Baer | January 2nd, 2016 | Categories: Miniature Wargaming News & Rumors


OMNISSIAH! Come see the amazing new head and weapon options for the Forge World’s new Warlord Titan!

Games Workshop is celebrating their 40th Birthday this weekend, and showing off some MAJOR teasers for the Horus Weekender in February.

Forge World was showing off new Warlord Titan head and weapon options for the Mars Alpha pattern!

Via the hobby heroes over at  Battlebunnies Be sure to like their Facebook page for great hobby related posts and event coverage!

blogger-image--928909864blogger-image-905918982blogger-image-2078239265mars warlord titan head

The colossal Mars pattern Warlord Titan is among the most ancient and feared of the Imperium’s war machines. Forged on the Red Planet itself, it is worshipped and venerated as the Omnissiah’s will incarnate, and each god-engine is encased in layered armour and powerful void shielding, and armed with weapons that are capable of reducing armies to ash.

In addition to its ardex-defensor mauler bolt cannon and lascannon turrets, support weapons that would be considered main armaments on smaller war machines, the Warlord is commonly fitted with a pair of carapace-mounted triple-barrelled laser blasters and two Belicosa pattern Volcano cannon.

I dig the new head, it’s a very cool throwback to the old 90’s EPIC style model itself.


Checkout the rest of the pictures of the new Warlord Titan, and GW’s 40th Birthday Event Below.

Games Workshop 40th Birthday Event Coverage

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