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By Rob Baer | January 3rd, 2016 | Categories: News / Rumors

duardin fyreslayer

Are you ready for some new releases? Looks like the Dwarf Duradin are on the way next week. Come see the latest on the Fyreslayers!

via Archibald_TK 1-2-2015

New releases:

Fyreslayers Hearthguard (5 miniatures) – 33€ 25£ 40$
Slayers with shorter beards with what looks like shooting weapons, greataxes or some sort of flail halberd.

Fyreslayer Vulkite Berserkers (10 miniatures) – 45€ 35£ 60$
Slayers with dual axes, or a bladed shield coupled with an axe or pickaxe.

Fyreslayer Auric Runemaster (1 model) 23€ 18£ 30$
This is not the one we saw on the sprue, that one carries some sort of brazero staff and he… he… he has no mustache!

SURPRISE! The WD shows the models that have yet to be released everywhere. I find the new giant salamander to be absolutely gorgeous. IMO in term of design they take models like the slaughterbrute, break them in half, throw the parts into an incinerator and bury the ashes 3 feet under.

For those wondering, Fyreslayers use the Ur-Gold to create runes over their own body. I have no time to actually read the WD but I’ll come back later if there is anything interesting. I think that army design is a success.

The way the scales are done, especially on the head, they kind of remind me of the demon/dragon design I would expect from Japanese or Korean video games. (multiple horns, heavily segmented horns instead of a smooth single piece).

There are two models, one carry some sort of Runemaster on a throne (which alas I find looks like he has a broom up his…), the other a lord with some awesome weapons, some actually designed long enough that the dwarf can hit something smaller than a Carnosaur with it.

Keywords are Order, Duardin, Fyreslayers.

And who can forget the Duardin Sprues that were spotted back in December inside a 40k Tau army box?

 Duardin Sprues (Dec 2015)

~The Dwarves are coming?

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