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By Barclay Montgomery | January 19th, 2016 | Categories: Star Wars, Top 10, X-Wing 2.0

Y-wing X-wing

Hello again X-Wing fans! Today we will talk about the current Top 5 Lists from the recent 2016 store championships that was held at Gamer’s Armory in Cary, NC. Come see! 

So let’s will discuss the current meta as well as new tactics seen from the event.

1st Place


    “Bro” Dameron

Poe Dameron – Veteran Instincts + R5‑P9 + Autothrusters
Ello Asty – R5 Astromech + Veteran Instincts + Integrated Astromech
“Dutch” Vander – R5‑K6 + Twin Laser Turret

100 pts

Poe Dameron has definitely become the recent favorite in the X-Wing world. He has consistently been seen in top lists. The new hotness, so to speak, has become Ello Asty. He also flies a T-70 and has an interesting pilot ability: While you are not stressed, you may treat your [left Tallon roll] and [right Tallon roll] maneuvers as white maneuvers. This makes him super unpredictable and can catch enemies off guard with his action economy. He will need help however with defense. The integrated astromech upgrade will give him a free extra hull point. Dutch Vander is the big support element in this list, passing target locks to his buddies when they need them.

2nd Place


“I’m back! It’ll be just like old times, Luke!”

Corran Horn – R2‑D2 + Engine Upgrade + Push The Limit + Fire Control System

Biggs Darklighter – R2‑D6 + Crack Shot + Integrated Astromech
Gold Squadron Pilot – Ion Cannon Turret + R3‑A2 + BTL‑A4 Y‑wing

100 pts

You can’t go wrong with Corran Horn. And with Biggs at his side, he’s even better. It’s nice to see Biggs make a comeback as the ultimate wing man. With integrated astromech and the 1 point R2-D6, he has a little more survivability for cheap. A Gold Squadron pilot makes an awesome warthog handing out stress and ion to pin your enemies down where you want them.

3rd Place

Star Wars X-Wing TIE Phantom Expansion Pack 1

“Now you see me. Now you don’t!”

“Whisper” – Veteran Instincts + Advanced Cloaking Device + Agent Kallus
Captain Yorr – Emperor Palpatine
“Omega Leader” – Juke + Comm Relay

97 pts

The Tie Phantom has always been an elusive ship, and becomes more of a pain with the new crew upgrade: Agent Kallus. He lets you choose one ship at the start of the game, and he gets to turn a focus result into a hit or evade when attacking or defending. This allows you to select an enemy ace or pesky stressbot Y wing to be the target of your aggression. Captain Yorr is invaluable in taking stress for your ships. A stressed Phantom is a dead Phantom. The Emperor also helps make your bad rolls better. As above, “Omega Leader” is a great new ship with the ability to augment your enemies dice to have the worst possible outcome for him.

4th Place


   “I find your lack of evades, disturbing!”

Darth Vader – Engine Upgrade + Lone Wolf + Adv. Targeting Computer + TIE/x1 (36)
Carnor Jax – Stealth Device + Push The Limit + Royal Guard TIE + Autothrusters (34)
“Omega Leader” – Stealth Device + Juke + Comm Relay (29)

99 pts

A new 3 ace build is seen here with Darth at the lead. Darth does his thing, getting a Push the Limit minus the stress and hands out critical hits like dark side flavored candy. Carnor Jax can ruin anybody’s “just as planned” by preventing actions when he is at range 1 and is almost as hard to kill as Soontir Fel. The newest TIE/fo ace is “Omega Leader” and will be sure to catch your opponents attention when he prevents you from modifying dice. Juke and the Comms Relay is a new combo that adds defense as well as offense. Juke is one of the few cards in the game that allows you to modify your opponents defense dice, and is valuable in holding on to an evasion token until you need it.

5th Place (tied)


“Y” you so sad?

Syndicate Thug – Unhinged Astromech + Twin Laser Turret x4

100 pts

Ah the venerable “4Y TLT” list. With all 4 Ys having a 360° arc, no ship is safe. If you spread the ships out, no part of the play area will be uncovered by your firing arcs. The consistent damage of the TLT always makes the enemy use caution when approaching.  The difficulty lies in keeping your distance, for the TLTs weakness is range 1. Unhinged Astromech should help you keep a wide birth by making all of your 3 maneuvers green. Truly this list is the death of a thousand cuts!

Thanks for tuning in and as always: fly casual!

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